2015 Connecticut Cycling Festival and BiCi Co. Expo

The Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program partnered with HAC for the 2015 Connecticut Cycling Festival as a local partner for the Middletown based organization. Check out the great event photos in our social section

HAC provided the services listed below and we were proud to facilitate two great sporting partnerships through our role with this event:  

Project management: HAC worked with CCAP to host the official expo for the Festival. Branded the BiCi Co. Expo we sources and hosted 21 vendors including great local vendors such Bear's Smokehouse, Hartford Bicycle Studio and Hartford Prints!, meshed with corporations such as Bank of America, UBER and Tesla. 

Sponsorship Sourcing: We worked with CCAP to identify official event and expo sponsors to help bring in vital additional event revenue. 

Sports Marketing: We took on the job of creating the event poster and partnered with Hartford Print! to create the stunning poster you see above. 

In addition to the services HAC was able to facilitate two unique local partnership to reinforce our commitment to sportsmanship. Hartford has a long history with bicycles but by time of the 2015 Festival it was a city without a bike shop. A local group was out to change that and HAC helped provide them a wider platform to do so by naming the expo after the new venture, BiCi Co. You can find out more about BiCi Co. here

CCAP also had been looking to start a youth cycling program in Hartford for a long time. Through our sporting bond with Active City we helped facilitate the creation of program set to launch in the Spring of 2016 with Octagon Cycling Club. You can find out more here